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Writers Wanted for Discipleship Website

To all Pastoral and Ministry Leadership friends,

As many of you know, earlier this year HGIM developed a gospel presentation booklet called ‘Learning2Live’, which presents the gospel in terms of.

  1. God created life.
  2. Sin gave way to death.
  3. The good news is there is eternal life available in Christ.
  4. In the end, everyone either gets eternal life with God or eternal death separated from Him, based on their acceptance or rejection of the gospel.

We tried to make it informative and easy to understand, as well as cutting out any cheesiness that many tracts tend to use. We wanted to offer a straight-forward gospel presentation

The booklet is currently at the printers and will be available for order through Heart of God early in 2013.  As a companion to this booklet, we are building a website that will have further articles and videos explaining the Christian faith and lead new believers into the discipleship process.

I am now asking for your help. We need to get the website up and running soon so that the booklets can go out as planned, and I am seeking people willing to help us out and write articles to be featured on this site.

In my current planning stages, the articles will be divided into 4 categories:

  • New Life – Understanding the Gospel
  • Living Up – Your relationship with God
  • Living In – Dealing with yourself
  • Living Out – Dealing with others

Submissions Needed:

We are looking for articles written on the following topics, though will take other submissions fitting one of the four categories as God leads you to write:

New Life

  • John 3:16 Explained
  • Why did Jesus have to die?
  • How can I know I’m saved?
  • Eternal Security? (Romans 8:38-39)

Living Up

  • Getting started in personal Bible study.
  • Personal prayer life
  • Finding a good church – specifically, what are some characteristics to look for
  • Receiving God’s Forgiveness

Living In

  • Your New Identity as a Child of God
  • Baptism – What is it? Why should I?
  • Continuing Repentance – the ongoing process of turning from self/sin and toward God
  • Overcoming your past

Living Out

  • Becoming a Servant
  • Reaching out – How to share your new faith
  • Forgiving Others
  • Dealing with persecution

We also invite any articles that fit into the above categories that are explanations of particular scriptures to encourage new believers or that may become “Life Verses” for them to hold to and be strengthened by.

There will also be sections for “Men’s Interests” and “Women’s Interests,” and though I don’t have a list of articles we are requesting in this area, if you have something to contribute to one of these areas, please feel free.

Submission Guidelines:

We are asking for all submissions by December 31,2012. Articles should be sent to singram@heartofgodinternational.org. Here are the basic guidelines.

  • Limit articles to 1,000 words or less (use a word counter).
  • Articles must be non-fiction but may include “parable-type” examples.
  • If personal experiences are included, change the names and locations to protect the privacy of others involved.
  • Cite each scripture used. All scriptures quoted will be published in the English Standard Version for copyright purposes and website consistency.
  • Carefully and properly cite any commentary or other sources included in your article as footnotes (not included in word count).
  • Submit each article in .doc or .docx format for easy copy/paste publication.
  • Submit a personal bio, written in third person, no longer than 150 words, along with a small photo (100×100 px) to be included with your bio on the website.
  • Your article must be proofread and ready for publication although HGIM reserves the right to edit to insure uniformity with our Statement of Faith.  (See http://heartofgodinternational.org/about/beliefs/)
  • By submitting your article(s), you release HGIM to publish your work with the understanding that you will receive no compensation or monetary benefit from publication. Please contact me if a formal release is needed or your preference.

If you plan on writing an article please send me an email to let me know which topic(s) you are taking on (even if it’s not one listed above), so that I can mark it on this page as ‘in progress,’ to prevent duplicate submissions.

Here are a few sample pages from the booklet itself. Sorry for the annoying watermarks.

(For those interested,  a Haitian Creole version is currently in the works, and there are plans for a Swahili and Arabic translation soon, though these will not have the website linked.)