Copper Canyons, Mexico, 2006

I was born November 22, 1984 in Odessa, TX and raised in a small West Texas oil field town called Crane. Growing up, God graced me with the best family I could have ever wanted. Though we were not rich and I was not given a free ride through my adolescence, my parents loved me and did their best to give me everything I needed and a lot of stuff that wasn’t a necessity. Above all, they raised me to love God and trust in Him.

Despite their love for God, their love for the church was crushed by the time I was four years old due to immaturity in some of their fellow believers. (I am not placing blame, but just saying that stuff happens). We left church shortly after my brother was born, and I was raised without a church family helping me along.

During this separation from the church, I tried to unite with other believers in F.C.A., fifth quarters, and a few random Sunday invites from friends. Through all that time I never doubted my love for and trust in Christ that my family had instilled in me, but all the talk of “getting saved” confused me.

At 16, I decided it was time to get serious about my faith and plugged in to church because it was obviously something lacking in my life, so I contacted the new pastor at the church of my childhood and asked to go to church camp. It was at that camp that I understood the message of the Gospel and what salvation really means, and I was made certain that my faith in Christ was real and personal.

Since that time, I have gotten into as much trouble as I have done good, but I know that Jesus loves me and will not let me go. I graduated from high school in 2003 sensing that God had a call on my life, and since that time, I have followed His lead without looking back.

“To God be the glory.”