From Jan Ross, HGIM President:

“It has been a privilege to know Scott and watch him as he follows the leading of the Holy Spirit, both as a servant of God and as a man on a mission. Working with Scott as he prepares to transition into full-time missionary service has unveiled true character in him, setting goals, keeping his focus, and planning to accomplish those things to which God has called him. On the mission field, his servant heart is clearly exhibited in all he does and says. His ability to speak to the needs of any audience make him stand above the norm as a teacher and minister of the Word of God. He is trustworthy and his integrity is proven beyond a doubt. Heart of God International is blessed to have him on staff as God leads him to serve wherever needed. We look forward to seeing how God uses him as a leader, pastor, administrator, teacher, and carrier of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.”

From Lou Saparito, Pastor, Vero Beach, FL:

“I am sure (Scott) was hand picked by God for the task ahead.  He is level headed, balanced, and focused.  His theology is sound and his response to authority is heartwarming.  Well mannered and kind, humble in this requests for prayer and…transparent in his weakness.  He has become like family to us and is welcome in our home any time for any duration…I am honored to have been a part of the process to plant this (a true hero of the faith) young man of God on foreign soil.”

From Michael Mwandha, Director of Beroya Gospel Fellowship, Jinja, Uganda:

“I will never forget Scott as a true man of God who was sent by the lead of the Holy spirit . He staying in my house was totally a blessing . He life was too kind and he has a heart for the poor and the needy . He helped so much in drilling water source and as well as preaching the word of God . He was a judge during our time of music festival within all our local churches . We really miss him and  (hope he will again) join us in Uganda.”

From Dana Ross, HGIM Volunteer Staff:

“Three words to describe Scott… knowledge, boldness and servitude, all beyond his years. He knows the Bible and knows no fear. I am consistently challenged by Scott as he continues to allow God the freedom to develop and form his personal uniqueness and character. I often find myself humbled as I watch him give of himself so eagerly, passionately and selflessly.”

From Cory Ward, Former Pastor at Redemption Church (then called Grace Baptist Church):

During my time with Scott, he has proven himself to be a gifted teacher, a great organizer, and a willing minister of the Gospel. I consider myself to be privileged to have been able to work with him and to form the friendship that we share. Scott is one of the biggest Gospel influences in my life…Since I have known Scott, he has had a passion for world missions and evangelism. At the same time, he is passionate about preaching and teaching the Word of God. He has a big heart for all people. He is a man of great faith in an even bigger God.

From Lisa Uhlhorn, Member of Redemption Church:

“Scott is a very dedicated and detailed oriented worker. He is extremely knowledgeable in the Word of God and enthusiastically shares what he knows with others. He is good at setting goals for himself and for the group and encouraging others he works with to accomplish those goals. He is someone you can count on to do what he says he will do. His heart for missions and sharing the gospel with others is contagious and the time we spent working together in planning worship and other ministries was a joy and pleasure for me.”

From Shelly Hostetter, Member of Redemption Church:

“Scott is the brightest young man I have had the priviledge of knowing. He has an understanding that is way beyond his years. He can read, understand, interpret, and teach knowledge very effectively. I have had the opportunity to talk with him at length about several subjects and find that he answers questions clearly and consise. All in All, he makes you “think”.”

From Norm McMath, Member of Redemption Church:

“Scott (served) as a pastor at the church I attend. I have been impressed with his depth of knowledge and ability to communicate from his heart. Even more impressive is his heart for service and willingness to sacrifice for others and the cause of Christ. It is my pleasure to recommend Scott. He lives and breathes the passion he preaches”

From J.B. Baldridge, Professor at Arlington Baptist College:

“Scott’s drive toward excellence in ministry and service to others is a great asset to any organization. His team-player mentality provides a dependable, flexible leadership that proves invaluable in various ministry and service opportunities. Scott’s dedication and love for the Lord continue to propel him toward greater things for God’s glory.”


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