Ministry Update – October 2012


As I write this update I am sitting on an airplane flying from Texas to Columbus, Ohio. First thing in the morning the team is off to South Sudan, before I return to Haiti on November 10th.

Right before I left Haiti on the 16th, I spent a full day hanging out with our kids at the center. It was a happy day full of playing, laughing and tickle fights as we were having our own little celebration because the roof on the orphanage (that had blown off with Hurricane Isaac) has been completed and they had spent their first night back in their own house. I just kept telling them, “Aren’t you happy? You got your house back.” For the month and a half leading up to this point, our kids were essentially homeless as they were moving their mattresses into the church every night to sleep on the floor, then moving them out in the morning so that the church could be used for other things in the daytime.

As another hurricane is now moving across the Caribbean, we are still waiting for a report of any damage to our property or facilities. You can keep up with any news we find out on the blog at

This update is coming out to you a little early this month as tomorrow I will be meeting the rest of the HG Africa – South Sudan team, who are set preach the gospel in a new area for our ministry. The word from our partner pastors on the ground is that we will be going into some remote villages that have never heard the gospel before. This team of 15 people from the U.S. and our partners on the ground are geared up to go in with love and truth, hoping to bear eternal fruit.

My first week in the U.S. was spent at a ministry conference in Pennsylvania. There I heard from pastors, evangelists, American missionaries to foreign countries and also foreign missionaries to the U.S.

This conference was so awesome as it gave me time to make some new friends, worship God in the language I understand and be refreshed in the word.

After the conference, I returned home to TX for a few days in order to vote and get a new copy of my driver’s license (which was lifted by a pickpocket a couple of months ago).

Even for such a short time, it was good to see my family and visit with a few friends. I even had the opportunity to visit and share with the AWANA and Youth groups at one of my supporting churches.

Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have given me relief when I was in distress. Be gracious to me and hear my prayer! ~Psalm 4:1

  • Pray for God’s hand of protection over Haiti with this hurricane blowing over.
  • Pray for our South Sudan team to be effective witnesses to the Gospel and for God to move through this team in a powerful way on the ground there
  • Pray for all of my travel over the next three weeks. Many flights still to come.



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